7 years ago, ThunderShirt was a new product that calmed your dog from the problems of loud noises, travel or separation anxiety, and thunderstorms.  Through their original DRTV campaign, we helped them not only build their brand through direct sales and placement in every major pet retailer, but also literally created a new product category, “pet anxiety.”

Fast forward to today, with multiple line extensions including the ThunderLeash and ThunderCap all focused on making your pet calm and happy, the team at ThunderWorks had to find new ways to engage and sell to consumers while simultaneously building the brand with a pet friendly attitude.

We worked with the team at ThunderWorks to build drive to retail campaigns around the launch of two high profile movies….The Peanuts Movie featuring everyone’s favorite dog Snoopy, and The Secret Life of Pets…that captured ThunderWorks light hearted brand image but still sold the product and gave consumers a reason to buy at retail.  The campaign increased retail sales across their major retailers and helped dogs everywhere be a little calmer during the next thunderstorm.




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