Andy Latimer


Brian Fasulo

Principal | Rainmaker

Rob Fallon

President | Bluewater Studios

Gina Pomponi

President | Media Division

Michael Weinstein

President | Digital Division

Mark Henning

Partner | Director Post Production

David Tiberia

Vice President | Bluewater Media

Ryan Ford

Vice President | Bluewater Digital

Ricky Turner

Creative Director

Amy Lyn Howell

Production Manager

Bruce Dworsky

Executive Producer

Brandon Anthony

Senior Producer | Director

Justin Vilardi

Producer | Director

Michael Kearns

Senior Editor

Nolan Heasley

Director of Photography

Brad Lulas

Assistant Editor

Sunny Latimer

Special Projects

Monica Dumke-McLaughlin

Media Director

Carrie Ingle

Media Operations Manager

Krystal Casey

Program Manager

Melody Disney

Account Manager

Blaine Morris

Media Coordinator

Brad Nault

Art Director

Shane Alexander

Technical Project Manager

Mike Baker

Audio Studio Manager

Brian Morgan

Production Technician
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