Social Media Today, From Sales to Presence: An interview with Jedidiah Dodds

Posted by Bluewater Media | August 1st, 2018

Today, almost everyone uses social media – from private citizens to businesses to public figures and athletes. We’ve all seen an athlete make a regrettable tweet or movements about one cause or another pop up on social media. When it comes down to it, the bottom line is that social media is a huge part of life today, it’s impactful, it’s widespread and it can at times be convoluted, so much so that all of its intricacies can make your head spin.

For this reason, we’re sitting down with our very own Director of Digital, Jedidiah Dodds, he’s going to cut through the confusion and answer some questions for us about social media in today’s world and what it means for business.



How long have you been at Bluewater?

Since April 1st

How many years have you worked in social media and do you possess any certifications or special distinctions?

I finished my masters in programming in 2003 and that was the inception of Google Advertising. Google Ad Words didn’t start until 2004 or 2005. I was in the first tier of certifications for Google. Just to give you an idea, the certification tests that I took where on paper, so I’ve been doing this a long, long time.

How many clients do you have or usually work on at a time?

It depends on the size of the campaign, one client could be a year long duration. Our fourth quarter will most likely account for 50 plus campaigns across all platforms. I’d say that at any one time I have maybe 10 or 15 clients and they’re all usually on a very large scale.

What makes a good social media presence important for a business?

On top of just having a general call to action, what makes a good social media presence is generating brand awareness – that’s huge. Everyone has a new idea everyday, so how do you get your idea off the ground right? It’s also providing social proof. If you have ads on Google or Amazon, reviews can be fake or generated from other accounts, so going to your Facebook and seeing interactions from users solidifies your product. In addition to all of this, today’s average consumer is far more educated than they were in the past. Today a consumer will go to multiple media outlets to figure out what they want to purchase.

What are common mistakes that you see businesses make with their social media?

The emphasis on a direct sale versus building a brand. Ideally you start of with paid social and you should have your organic efforts in tandem. However, a lot of times organic gets pushed to the side because with paid you’ll see immediate results. In the long run, with a good organic campaign, you’ll no longer need to even do paid media after a while.

Talk about some social media success stories and how social media can be used to drive brand awareness and even sales

Back in 2007 or 2008 I was working with a limousine company and we were doing pay per click to get them leads. It was a small business, just a guy and his wife who owned one limo. They were getting leads and were building their business, but when we started the social aspect of it everything changed. Keep in mind that this was before social media was really hitting heavy- using social media helped them to develop a huge, loyal customer base. It was much easier to get their message out through social media than it was through their website or blog.

A lot of times with a blog people only read an average of 15 words per page and in no particular order, so the social was able to give snippets of information for people to read and engage with. It was more than just getting people to rent a limo, it was about building a brand and relationship with their customers.


As you can see, social media isn’t all fun and games. It is something that can help or hurt your business in a major way. Investing in social media and learning as much as you can about its application is something that organizations in a variety of fields can benefit from.

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