Philips is the global brand that makes kitchen electronics that consumers love and trust.  They were ready to launch their new innovative line of indoor smokeless grills.

Although DR brand response has been a large part of Philips advertising strategy in the past, they’ve struggled connecting the brand side to the response side.  In other words, even though the spots were on brand, they didn’t sell.

Philips engaged Bluewater to help them bridge the gap.  We designed a creative plan that was completely aligned with Philip’s brand look and feel, but mixed in more direct sell elements that would help return more direct sales and make the campaign more efficient than past campaigns.  From snow to the sun, from home kitchens to fire station kitchens…even to bacon festivals…we took the grill across America to engage viewers and the initial reaction has been incredible.  Our success has given us the opportunity to help Philip’s revisit older campaigns and breathe new life into them with the help of world famous chef Gordon Ramsay and other new elements that drive customers to engage and buy.



Philips - Gordon Ramsay


Philips - Air Fryer


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