Perfect Grip
CeraPan is an established cookware brand with wide retail distribution.  They were introducing a new line called Perfect Grip that included a revolutionary new handle that gives you complete control while cooking.

In the past, CeraPan had slowly entered new products into the market and never had to support their retail placement with media spend.  But, for CeraPan Perfect Grip, they wanted to take advantage of advantageous market conditions and enter retail quickly.

CeraPan wanted to take advantage of the economies of DRTV by creating direct sales to offset media costs but was concerned about how a pure DRTV creative position would impact their brand image.  So, we designed a DRTV campaign that focused on the engineering behind the product, and used interviews to make the sales points with demos that showed the amazing qualities of the pan while keeping the look elevated and beautiful.  The spot allowed CeraPan to place Perfect Grip in multiple major retailers chain wide out of the gate, and generated enough direct sales revenue to offset a major portion of their investment.

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