When we first tried a Greenworks tool…it was love at first squeeze! We’d never used a lawn mower that was electric…started with the push of a button…and the ACTUALLY CUT A LAWN! When we first started with the team at Greenworks, they had almost no market share and no brand awareness, and most consumers thought a lawn mower = gas powered. So our first spot, a long form infomercial, focused on helping viewers understand that they didn’t have to struggle with gas anymore when mowing their lawn. That idea was powerful and consumer response was strong. The DR Campaign helped drive the brand through retail at Lowe’s.

With this success path they were able to leverage that response into a major expansion of their brand, including an 80v Pro-Line of tools. We brought the short form approach to the 80v line up and crafted multiple videos highlighting the versatility of the battery power while showcasing the strength and ruggedness of the pro line.






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