Blackstone Products makes innovative outdoor cooking products.  Their collapsible, portable griddles have become a must have for tailgaters, food lovers and outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Introduce their products to new consumers while growing their direct, retail and e-commerce sales using a DRTV strategy.

What We Did:
Blackstone already had extensive retail and digital retail penetration, but they needed to increase year over year sales to gain momentum and expand into new markets.  So we prepared a comprehensive DRTV centric brand growth strategy that included short-form DRTV creative with media and campaign management, a re-branded e-commerce enabled website and digital marketing campaign including a social media element.  Given the high price point ($299), we utilized a :60 push to web creative and relied on the digital and retail presence to close sales.

During the first week of the campaign, direct sales on the Blackstone website were at a 1.07 MER against total ad spend for the campaign…and by the third week they were over a 1.5 MER.  Sales of their feature product, a 36” griddle, increased 1819 units across all retail platforms during our 4 week media flight compared to the previous 4 weeks leading into our campaign…a 25% INCREASE! What’s even better is that during same 4 week period, year over sales grew of 36” griddles GREW 52%!  Our success has helped them reach their goals and increase their retail presence for the next year.


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