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We are a brand focused creative group that utilizes branded direct response, brand integration and traditional advertising methods to introduce products to market.


Bluewater Grabs 5 Moxie Nominations

The 2013 Moxie Award finalist are out and Bluewater Media is all over the list. To follow up multiple nominations in 2012 and a win for Best

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Bluewater Named One of Top Direct Response Producers of 2012

The SciMark report has named Bluewater Media a top direct response producer in 2012 with 4 hit campaigns. FabriClear, Grout Bully, Thundershirt

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Bluewater Media Takes Home A Moxie Award

Bluewater Media, a Clearwater based direct response creative agency and production studio, has won a 2012 ERA Moxie Award, presented at the

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Three Bluewater Shows Crack the SciMark Mid-Year True Top Spenders

Bluewater Media has 3 spots in the True Top Spenders of 2012 Mid-Year. With Thundershirt, Grout Bully and Jack Rack on the list, Bluewater proves

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